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Student Spotlight: Azucena Ortega

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Disciplines: Music, Art, Dance, Drama

Favorite Subject in School: Art & Music

Best Thing About LAMusArt: Camp MusArt

If you’ve attended one of our many concerts or camp performances, you’ve probably seen Azucena Ortega grace the stage. At age 13, Azucena is one of our most involved students and a talent to be watched. She started at LAMusArt at six years old as a ballet student, following in the footsteps of her two older sisters, Adriana and Alejandra. Since her start at LAMusArt, Azucena has embraced the arts wholeheartedly. After participating in ballet, she enrolled in private music lessons including voice, piano, and guitar as well as art and the Tuition-Free Choir where she is still an active member today.

In 2013, Azucena participated in her first production of Camp MusArt as an ensemble member in Aladdin and has partaken in the program every summer since, playing parts like a Mersister in The Little Mermaid, Young Fiona in Shrek, and Gertrude McFuzz in Seussical. Most recently, Azucena starred in Camp MusArt’s production of The Lion King as Rafiki, a role she was eager to play.

“I like Camp MusArt the most. My best memory of Camp MusArt is doing The Lion King because I get to explore the role and I got the one I was hoping for,” says Azucena.

In addition to her roles as a camper, Azucena has been a soloist in countless concerts and public performances. In 2017 alone, Ortega was featured in LAMusArt’s Broadway Spring Concert, KUSC’s  Kids Discovery Day, the Santa Fe Spring Arts Fest, LAMusArt’s Stars for the Arts Benefit, and as a participant in a special musical theater master class with Broadway’s Carrie St. Louis (Wicked, Rock of Ages). St. Louis, a USC alum and veteran performer, was highly impressed with Ortega’s vocal range and volume after hearing her rendition of “Burn” from the musical Hamilton.

“I want to continue learning how to draw and paint, and how to be a better actress and singer,” claims Azucena, who continues to take art and Choir lessons to broaden her skills while waiting for Camp to begin each summer. We are very excited to see what 2018 has to bring Azucena!

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