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Student Spotlight: Carlos Roman

Disciplines (Past/Present): Violín

Carlos Roman, age 15, has been a LAMusArt student since 2012. During his time with the school his favorite class has been violin with Mr. Timothy, where he learns the fundamentals of the instrument. He expressed that Mr. Timothy has been his most influential teacher because he has not only taught him the technique but he has also taught him the value of patience during the learning process.

When we asked Carlos about his own experience with LAMusArt, he mentioned, “This experience has helped me understand more about the musical world.” He also added that he enjoys telling his friends about what LAMusArt is all about. One of his proudest accomplishments is performing in front of people, and his favorite memory of a previous performance is definitely the winter concerts because of his love for the themes that are chosen.

Aside from his dedication to being a performing musician, which he will continue doing as he grows, Carlos would also like to learn the intricacies of mechanical engineering.

We can’t wait to see how Carlos’ journey continues unfolding.


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