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Student Spotlight: Evan Espinoza

Disciplines (Past/Present): Piano, Guitar, Art

Evan Espinoza, age 13, has been an LAMusArt student since January of 2018. Evan began his classes with piano lessons, but eventually added his currently favored class to his schedule –– Visual Art! This year, Evan inspired LAMusArt’s featured holiday card design entitled Holiday Magic. “I created this art during the month of October, so I was inspired by Halloween which is why I used a purplish sky, a yellow moon, and large grey clouds. The most difficult part of creating this piece was making a sky that was not too purple but also not too blue to create a night sky fitting for Christmas. My favorite thing about making art is using simple materials to resonate an elaborated idea or feeling."

Though Evan favors music as his main artistic outlet, he loves the creativity he has gained through his visual arts endeavour, “Art is always fun. She’s always moving, and the class is always entertaining.”

Evan has also performed in a handful of LAMusArt recitals, his favorite being the Polovtsian Dance in which he was able to perform with his piano teacher.

When we asked Evan what his favorite thing about LAMusArt has been so far, he said, “I like that I get to learn songs in my favorite genres. It’s more fun to play and easier to understand.” He also told us he likes the general creative and technical skill he has gained from learning at LAMusArt. Part of that attributes to his better understanding of notes by ear and his newfound love for visual art. An added bonus has been the opportunity to play his favorite songs with his teachers and perform some of them on stage.

In the future, Evan wants to become a musician. More specifically, he would like to perform in a rock band similar to his favorite bands like AC/DC, Nirvana, or Gorillaz. We are ecstatic to see what other adventures in art Evan takes on next!


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