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Student Spotlight: Ilan Dubon


Disciplines: Music, Dance, Drama

Five years ago Ilan Dubon, age 11, joined LAMusArt to pursue an interest in the performing arts as a Camp Musart camper. Since June 2014, he has expanded upon that interest, taking classes in music, dance, and drama. Dubon, a student at Gallatin Elementary, has participated in Camp MusArt for four summers, most recently in LAMusArt’s 2018 production of ONCE ON THIS ISLAND as a a gatekeeper and a peasant.

Ilan is not only a talent onstage, but a presence offstage too. In December 2018, he debuted his original play VISITORS OF THE SEA at LAMusArt’s annual Playmaking show at The York Manor. The mysterious thriller starring Marnina Schon and Mehrnaz Mohammadi recounts the tale of Professor W. Jones, a 46 year old scientist professor in search of an orphan fisherman named Kiomy, who he believes has all the details he needs to complete his research on the elusive “Thaimanian Galaticosso” sea creature. The piece was directed by Karen Louis.

Throughout his time at LAMusArt, Ilan has also taken classes in piano and hip hop dance. These days, when he is not engaging in the arts Ilan enjoys playing football and video games.


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