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Student Spotlight: Jesseah Ramirez

Student Name: Jesseah Ramirez, age 13 Disciplines (Past/Present): Choir, String Ensemble, Voice, Piano, Youth Orchestra, and Camp MusArt

Jesseah Ramirez, age 13, has been a member of LAMusArt’s young group of artists for almost a decade. In 2011, Jesseah started in two of LAMusArt’s Tuition-Free ensembles: Strings and Junior Orchestra (now called Mariachi Ensemble). Since then, she has extended her artistic knowledge through various classes such as voice, piano, and most currently, LAMusArt’s Tuition- Free Choir. In 2015, Jesseah made her debut on the Camp MusArt stage when she took on the role as Mama Bear in Shrek the Musical Jr.

When asked what Jesseah likes best about LAMusArt, she stated, “It is a professional setting, everyone is serious about the arts at this school. If you have a passion for the arts, come here, you will become better as an artist and as a person. You meet a lot of new people who share the same passion as you, and the teachers are incredible; it is an artistic community everyone should experience.”

Throughout her many summers at Camp MusArt, Jesseah has taken on several different characters, including the vibrant Mayor of Whooville in Seussical the Musical Jr. (2016) and the haughty Lt. Brannigan in Guys and Dolls Jr. (2019) to name a few. Jesseah says with certainty that being able to explore the arts and creativity through the organization’s various programs has allowed her to find something she is passionate about. “Music is something I want to pursue,” Jesseah says. “I want to major in music. I love everything about it. I want it to always be a big part of my life. LAMusArt is what helped me find that passion.”

Jesseah’s favorite class at LAMusArt is Choir. She enjoys the connectedness that comes with singing in an ensemble. “We are a group working toward the goal of making music. When we do, it is beautiful.”

Another reason Choir is her favorite is because she had the opportunity to work with LAMusArt’s outgoing Music Director, Austin Chanu, her “favorite teacher.” “Austin really connects with us. He makes us feel comfortable in class. When we are singing, Austin makes us WANT to be there in his classes; I want to sing, perform, and do really really good.” The common goals and passion to succeed amongst Jesseah’s fellow artists is what she admires most.

Not only is Jesseah an excellent young artist, but a fantastic athlete. She is involved in many sports including water polo, basketball, baseball, softball, and lacrosse. We admire Jesseah’s passion for the arts at such a young age. Her ability to express feelings and ideas through several creative platforms at LAMusArt is a truly notable accomplishment.


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