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Student Spotlight: Leo Hernandez

Disciplines (Past/Present): Visual Arts, Drums/Piano

Leo Hernandez, age 10, has been a student at LAMusArt since the summer of 2017. In his early years he focused on the disciplines of fine arts and drums, but he is expanding his musical knowledge and is now becoming an outstanding pianist. As a musician his favorite instrument is piano because he enjoys playing and creating soothing melodies for people to hear.

Leo’s experience with LAMusArt has brought great character growth. He continues challenging himself to be more open, outgoing, and willing to try different things. When asked what he would tell his friends about LAMusArt, he says, “LAMusArt is a music school that gives the opportunity to learn any musical instrument.”

His favorite memories with the school were made in Summer Camp 2021, and he especially enjoyed the art class with Ms. Billie. One of his most proud accomplishments was during this year's camp, when Leo wrote and composed his very first song and was able to perform in front of his classmates.

Art and music aside, Leo has more interests and goals for his life. One of his favorite classes in school is math, and his love for this subject continues to grow. In the future Leo dreams of becoming a wildlife veterinarian. We are excited to see how the brilliant Leo will succeed in his diverse passions!


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