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Student Spotlight: Lesley Saldivar


Disciplines: Music, Art, Dance

Favorite Subject in School: Writing

Best thing about LAMusArt: Being around friends and taking different classes

Ten year old Lesley Saldivar is a sixth grader at El Sereno Middle School and has been taking classes at LAMusArt for nearly five years. Over the years, Lesley has blossomed as an artist, vocalist, and dancer, excelling most recently as a Choir member and CAMP MusArt camper.

Lesley first came to LAMusArt as a Ballet student and has since added several other styles to her repertoire, including Hip Hop and Jazz. In April 2017, Lesley was a soloist at LAMusArt’s KUSC’s Discovery Day performance, and at the Broadway Spring Concert at East Los Angeles College. As an artist, Lesley enjoys painting and drawing.

She says she would like to be a singer when she gets older, and that LAMusArt “teaches me to be better at everything I do – better singer, better dancer, everything.” Lesley currently takes Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Choir and Art I.

Ms. Saldivar will be featured in CAMP MusArt’s 2017 production of The Lion King as a Stampede Wildebeast and a Lioness Dancer. This is her second year of CAMP.

“It’s a special place where I can be anything I want to be,” says Saldivar. “I would tell others to come.”

Lesley hopes to join the Drama class at LAMusArt soon. We can’t wait to see what Lesley will do next!



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