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Student Spotlight: Natalia Sanchez

Disciplines (Past/Present): Ballet and Violin

Natalia Sanchez, age 13, is a multi-faceted artist that enjoys learning ballet and violin at LAMusArt. Her favorite class is violin because it helps her express herself through music which she loves. When we asked her if there were any teachers that have made an impact on her she said, “My violin teacher has inspired me to enjoy different types of music and has influenced me to want to learn more”.

When we asked her about her experience with LAMusArt she mentioned that at the school she has learned that with patience and hard work she can learn new things and explore different ways of self expression. She added that her favorite memory was her first ballet performance, “I was so nervous that I felt I was getting sick but once I was on stage everything just felt right”. Natalia's proudest moment is dancing in front of people, because she is usually shy but being on stage has made her more confident. Aside from the arts she dreams of becoming a veterinarian when she grows up.

Natalia would like everyone to know that in LAMusArt you get to explore different instruments, and different types of dance until you find what speaks to you. We can’t wait to hear of Natalia’s accomplishments!


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