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Student Spotlight: Pedro Zayas

Pedro Zayas, age 10, has been a LAMusArt student since the Summer of 2016. Since joining Camp MusArt as a cast member in Guys & Dolls, Pedro has taken on several roles in his artistic endeavors. Pedro packs quite an impressive set of skills when it comes to self-expression having taken all of these classes and more: Clarinet, Art, Piano, Playmaking, Drama, Music, and Camp MusArt!

When asked about his favorite class, Pedro replied with “They’re all my favorite, it’s too hard to choose! The ones I spend the most time with outside of class are clarinet and playmaking. Playmaking is especially challenging because I had to come up with new ideas,” he added.

The memorable Seussical, Jr. and Guys and Dolls, Jr. cast member went on to talk about what LAMusArt has done for him. He said, “I feel more confident and changed for the better in all ways. I feel wiser.” The young artist added that he feels like the stress of everyday homework even feels relieved as a result of artistic coping abilities and the discovery of new forms of self-expression. In terms of visual creativity, Pedro has been drawing much more, even though he had not been inclined to visual arts prior to his time at LAMusArt.

Pedro’s favorite memory of LAMusArt thus far has been his role in Guys & Dolls, Jr.; he enjoyed playing a wisecrack character, one he had not had the chance to play before that, and that stood out to him the most during his time with Camp MusArt in 2019. Overall, he enjoys the people the most. When we asked him what he liked the most about LAMusArt, he stated, “There are a lot of good people here. I can meet new people and be more social” – a notable observation about how diversity improves a student's artistic experience.

In the future, Pedro would like to work as a toymaker to spread his joy and love for creative thinking through instruments anyone can enjoy. He is already designing his own toys now! We can’t wait to see how he brings his music, his art, and his drama experiences into his designs.


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