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Student Spotlight: Zelzen Marzbani

Disciplines (Past/Present): Hip Hop, Camp MusArt, Voice, Guitar, Art, and Choir 

Zelzen Marzbani, one of the newest members to LAMusArt, started only last year! Zelzen began taking guitar lessons alongside his dad with Teaching Artist, Mr. James Hober. At only eight years old, Zelzen has taken classes in Hip Hop and Art, and currently takes Voice, all while continuing with his first class, Guitar. This past summer, Zelzen joined Camp MusArt where he was able to explore music, art, dance, drama, and perform as part of the Mission Band in Guys and Dolls Jr. 

When we asked Zelzen to tell us about one of his favorite memories throughout his time at LAMusArt, he told us about the 2019 Spring Dance Recital, when he performed with his Hip Hop group at the Mainstage Theatre at Glendale Community College. 

“There was a lot of dancing,” Zelzen says, “… it was complicated but really fun. I was on stage and I was a little terrified seeing all the people in the audience but at the same time  I remember I was also SUPER excited!”

In Zelzen’s guitar class, he likes the fact that he can play different styles of music, and learn all types of techniques.

“I always learn so much and I think other people would really love to learn all the things that I am learning,” Zelzen states. 

Expanding on his lessons in Voice, Mr. Marzbani joined the LAMusArt Tuition-Free Choir this year, led by Teaching Artist Lori Pasqualino. We’re so glad Zelzen found LAMusArt and we can’t wait to see him perform again! 


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