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Student Spotlight: Allison Moreno

Meet Allison Moreno (age 8), an enthusiastic young artist with a passion for acting and a heart full of ambition! Starting her artistic journey at the age of four, Allison has been a part of the LAMusArt family since she could qualify for classes, just like her mother who also took ballet classes at the same age. Since her very first ballet class, Allison's love for the arts has continued to bloom.

Among her cherished memories at LAMusArt, Allison recalls the time she performed ballet at East LA College. The thrill of being on stage, showcasing her hard work and dedication, has etched the memory in her heart. When asked about her favorite class at LAMusArt, Allison's eyes lit up as she shared her love for drama. "I like acting," she reflected, showing her love for the world of theater. Guiding her along this creative path is Mr. Evan Enderle, her favorite teacher at LAMusArt.

“My teacher has taught me the importance of being professional on camera!” When asked about the importance of the arts, Allison offers a reflective and profound insight: "I think arts is important because you can learn something new."

Allison's LAMusArt journey has been a diverse one. Starting with ballet, she has expanded her horizons to include singing, drama, and piano classes. Her curiosity and passion continue to drive her forward, as she expresses interest in adding violin classes to her repertoire in the future! Beyond her musical and theatrical pursuits, Allison likes to play with her toys and watch TV as a way to unwind in her downtime. A young reader and caring sibling, Allison also loves to read the Harry Potter series and spend quality time with her baby sister.

When asked about her dreams, she envisions herself as an actress in the future– a goal nurtured by her drama classes. Through her experiences at LAMusArt, Allison has learned the lesson of perseverance. "Never give up when you're learning something new," she shares, encapsulating the spirit of growth that LAMusArt and the arts hopes to inspire.

If she had the chance to convince someone to attend the school, Allison would say "LAMusArt is an amazing school because you get to learn how to play instruments and learn about art."

Allison Moreno's journey is a testament to the power of arts education, and LAMusArt takes pride in being a huge part of her creative paths.


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