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Student Spotlight: Amalie Cedano

Disciplines: Music

Amalie Cedano, 11, has been attending LAMusArt for two years after a parent’s friend

recommended the school to her. Ever since that day, Amalie has been an essential part

of LAMusArt’s always lively and ever-passionate Advanced Mariachi Ensemble!

LAMusArt’s Mariachi Ensemble is a popular group class where experienced students

perform their mariachi favorites. Amalie has been singing and playing guitar since the 1 st

grade, and she is always thrilled to lend her talent to her favorite class here at


Although enamored by the Mariachi Ensemble, Amalie is also a fan of art “because it

lets you express creativity.” Amalie believes through the arts, one “can express yourself

and find yourself” and when she grows up. Outside of LAMusArt, Amalie loves to focus

on her academics as she regularly participates in school activities and hopes to be an

astronaut when she grows up.

When asked, Amalie said that one of her favorite memories here at LAMusArt was

recording the spring concert during the first lockdown back in 2020. It was the first time

she played for the school and loved being able to perform virtually when the ensemble

couldn’t perform its regular live performance. Amalie is grateful for LAMusArt and the

way the school has been able to “teach her how to do different things like songs and

techniques.”The school is just as grateful to have her as one of its many wonderful


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