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Student Spotlight: Eben Martinez

Eben Martinez is a 16-year-old musician whose journey with LAMusArt began in 2013 when he was just 7 years old! Eben began with the violin ensemble, part of LAMusArt’s Tuition-Free Music Ensembles program, led by Mr. Timothy. Reflecting on his introduction to LAMusArt, Eben shared, "I found out about LAMusArt from my primary school, Kipp Raices."

While Eben doesn't have family members attending LAMusArt, his path has been led by the pursuit of his artistic passions. At school, he continues to nurture his artistic talents through art and drawing lessons, as well as participating in mariachi. Throughout his time at LAMusArt, Eben has explored various disciplines, including violin ensemble, mariachi, and orchestra. When asked about his favorite class, Eben expressed appreciation for the violin ensemble, specifically citing that "My favorite teacher was Mr. Timothy Maloof."

One of Eben's cherished memories at LAMusArt is his inaugural performance, marking a significant milestone in his musical journey. He reminisced, "My favorite memory is my first performance since it was my first-ever concert here at LAMusArt." Since his first performance, Eben has participated in numerous concerts at LAMusArt through our Youth Orchestra, Mariachi Ensemble, and String Ensemble.

Outside of his artistic pursuits, Eben finds fulfillment in sports, particularly football. He also extends his passion for music by assisting his middle school mariachi teacher in their ensemble.

Recognizing the importance of the arts, Eben emphasized, "I believe the arts are important because it allows people to express themselves freely and also share similar interests." His experience at LAMusArt has been transformative, providing him with a platform to explore his love for music.

Looking towards the future, Eben aspires to become an artist or musician, utilizing the skills and knowledge he has gained through his classes at LAMusArt. He remarked, "I want to become an artist or a musician, and these classes help a lot."

In reflecting on his proudest moments, Eben emphasized his willingness to embrace new experiences and dedicate himself wholeheartedly to his pursuits. He stated, "I am most proud of trying new things and putting forth my best effort."

In extending an invitation to others to join LAMusArt, Eben highlighted the numerous opportunities available. He glowingly says, "It is definitely something you should try out. Music, art, they have teachers willing to teach you." Eben's journey exemplifies the transformative power of artistic education, showcasing the creative paths that students explore at LAMusArt and beyond.


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