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Student Spotlight: Emily Cervantes

Disciplines (Past/Present): Music, Dance, Drama

Emily Cervantes, age 9, has been a student at LAMusArt since age 7. She is a versatile, young artist currently taking piano, drama, and voice lessons. Right now, her favorite class is drama but she also loves hip-hop and piano as well. When we asked Emily how she learned about LAMusArt she said, “A year before I started LAMusArt I was sad because I lost my daddy to a heart attack. I had to be quarantined for a year because of COVID, my school was closed, and my dance studio was closed for one year. I was very sad so my mommy looked for a school that was open and she found LAMusart. I'm happy she did because I have more art class opportunities and everyone is nice to me.”

Most recently, Emily completed a session of Playmaking, a dramatic writing program that teaches students the fundamentals of playwriting, culminating in a performance of the student-written work performed by adult actors. Emily's play, entitled Happy Day, featured an orphaned panda named Isabella and a lonely chihuahua named Ava who become fast friends when they decide to live together.

When we asked Emily if she had a favorite teacher she mentioned “Definitely Ms. Tahnee and my hip hop teacher.” One of Emily’s favorite memories from the Los Angeles Music and Art School is her general growth and development. Before Emily’s first acting class, she was so nervous, but by the end, she couldn’t help but be excited. Emily says the arts are important because it is a way for people to express themselves. She can’t imagine her life without dance; her love for dance is so great she wishes to become an Astronaut dance teacher as she dreams of dancing on the moon. We can’t wait to see Emily’s big dreams come true!


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