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Student Spotlight: Emma Perez Armenta

Disciplines (Past/Present): Ballet, Choir

Emma Perez Armenta, age 8, has been a part of LAMusArt since September 2021. Emma’s favorite classes are Ballet and Choir, because she loves learning new skills and singing. When we asked her about her experience with LAMusArt, and how it has changed her she said, “I have become happier and more confident. Now, I am open to trying new things and making more friends.”

Emma has been positively influenced by her time at LAMusArt, specifically by her Choir teachers who have helped her break out of her shell. One of her favorite memories with LAMusArt is performing in the Winter Concert because she loves singing. When we asked her what she would tell her friends about LAMusArt, she said she would let them know how much the school can help them grow as a person by building their confidence and expanding their diverse skills.

Among the many dreams Emma has, she would love to grow up to be a singer or a teacher. One thing she is most proud of accomplishing is how much she has grown as a student. We are so happy to continue seeing Emma’s talents flourish and we’re excited to see her shine in her upcoming dance recital, “The Art of Dance” where she’ll be showcasing her Ballet skills this spring.


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