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Student Spotlight: Maddison Adame

Disciplines: Piano and Violin

Maddison Adame, seven, is a virtuoso who has been calling LAMusArt her home for over a year. Beginning to sing at the age of five, Maddison expanded her repertoire at six by adding violin and piano to her musical toolbox. Since she has joined LAMusArt, she has taken Piano, Violin, and Voice lessons with Mr. Timothy Maloof and Eric Linnes-Bagley. Using curriculum curated to Maddison and her individual needs, they have been able to push her to hone her instruments and perform in recitals–to which they gained Maddison’s praise when she said that, “Mr. Timothy is awesome and Mr. Eric is so nice and patient.”

Maddison, a staple here at LAMusArt, has also been a participant of CampMusArt’s Disney on Stage!, an hour-long performance featuring Disney classics sung and performed by our very own students. During camp, she met “wonderful friends like Sarah, Alexandria, and Violet” and that they “had a blast” during their summer camp adventures together. A performer by nature, Maddison has found that she has been“able to sing and dance and play the piano in front of many people at LAMusArt and I loved it.” She recently performed two pieces, “Sailing in the Sun” and “Firefly” at Eric’s recital this December to thunderous applause.

Outside of music, Maddison loves to read about outer space, golf at the range, and build Legos! When she grows up, Maddison strives to be either an astronaut, ballet dancer/teacher, artist, or musician—her ambition is as endless and full of potential as her creativity. When asked if and how she would recommend LAMusArt to any of her friends, she replied by saying, “LAMusArt is the best music school!” LAMusArt is certainly lucky to have students like Maddison go down our creative paths.


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