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Student Spotlight: Maddux Adame

Maddux Adame is a maestro who has been calling LAMusArt his home for over a year. Exposed to piano at age five, Maddux had lost his passion for the instrument until he met Eric Linnes-Bagely who reinvigorated his interest and helped him fall in love with creating music. Mr. Eric’s teaching approach, tailored to Maddux's needs, allowed him to progress at his own pace, taking it slowly and “one step at a time.” Maddux loves coming to LAMusArt, along with his sister, and says that “This place is like my second school. We feel very comfortable and know almost everyone.” LAMusArt prides itself on making a community for students as bright as this young man!

Maddux has truly embraced the stage since joining LAMusArt. Participating in all of Eric’s recitals, Maddux has found the Courtyard his second home. “I’ve been able to discover that I can sing and perform in front of a large group of people!” Maddux says. His ability to play and master the nuances of the piano stems from his love for his lessons and practice. Not satisfied with just the piano as his forte, Maddux is now taking guitar lessons with James Hober and enjoying every second of his new instrument.

Outside of music, Maddux loves sports. Running out onto the field since “he was able to walk”, the young maestro’s passion extends to baseball, soccer, and football. This summer Maddux is off to Cooperstown, NY for a big baseball tournament– the big stage is always welcoming to this star. When he’s older, he seeks to be a “MLB player or goalkeeper for the America team in Mexico. If that doesn’t pan out, then a lawyer.” With his talent and tenacity, the possibilities are endless for this interdisciplinary talent.

When asked how he would convince someone to come to LAMusArt, Maddux's response was simple yet profound:”'Music is for everyone; you just have to try it.” This motto beautifully exemplifies LAMusArt's mission, and the community is fortunate to have Maddux walking down our creative paths.


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