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Student Spotlight: Marcos Salgado

Marcos Salgado, 18, is a promising young musician with a passion for percussion who started his musical journey at the Los Angeles Music and Art School at the age of 13. In 2017, Marcos discovered LAMusArt per the recommendation of a friend who played violin in the Youth Orchestra.

Throughout his time at LAMusArt, Marcos cherished various memories, but one stands out prominently—the performance and recording of Austin Chanu's composition, "Snjopurrkur," in 2017. Marcos explains that “It was a new experience and it was satisfying at the end to have learned it all and be recorded.” Eager for other ensemble performances, Marcos also joined the Jazz Ensemble because he loves “to jump around in music genres and they are both great exposure for new music to me.” Marcos's participation in both LAMusArt's Orchestra and Jazz Ensemble embodies his passion for music performance, in perfect harmony with LAMusArt's mission to nurture a love for the arts.

A pivotal figure in Marcos's journey at LAMusArt is Michael Basak, an inspiring teacher who instilled in him the importance of consistent practice. Basak's guidance was instrumental in shaping Marcos's discipline and skills as a musician. Marcos’s ability to adapt to the demands of an orchestra and promptly address mistakes highlights the discipline and skills he has honed on this remarkable journey. Marcos believes that “without Michael Basak’s help, I wouldn’t be standing where I am today.” Together, they form the percussion section of LAMusArt's Youth Orchestra, setting the rhythm for the ensemble's stellar performances.

At the University of Southern California (USC), his dream school, Marcos is pursuing a degree in Percussion Performance, complementing his formal education with theory, aural skills, piano lessons, and participation in a percussion ensemble. Looking forward, Marcos aspires to become a professional orchestra musician. His experiences and education at LAMusArt have undoubtedly laid the foundation for this ambitious goal. Beyond the arts, Marcos finds relaxation in soccer and videogames.

Marcos Salgado's journey at LAMusArt exemplifies the transformative power of music and the arts in shaping a young artist's life. Marcos is “proud of how far along I’ve gotten into my music career and being able to attend my dream school." This percussionist also believes that “LAMusArt is a special place where you can express yourself in the arts. They have great resources open for everyone.” Marcos's story serves as an inspiring reminder of the profound impact that arts education can have on young minds and the creative futures it can shape.

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