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Student Spotlight: Sophia and Olivia Garibay

Meet Olivia and Sophia Garibay, two sisters whose experiences at LAMusArt reflect the full spectrum of creative learning. Hailing from a family where artistic expression is celebrated, and fueled by their individual curiosities, Olivia and Sophia began taking classes at LAMusArt in the summer of 2022.

Olivia, aged 9, inspired by her sister's involvement in the School, recalled “'I joined LAMusArt school around summer 2022 at age 8. My sister joined the school, and I wanted to participate also”' she reminisces. Sophia, aged 11, echoes this sentiment, remembering how her friend in 3rd grade introduced her to the School. “After I started, my little sister started a few months later,” she adds.

Their artistic journeys at LAMusArt have been diverse with both sisters exploring several disciplines. Olivia tried drums, hip-hop dance, visual art, and voice classes, finding inspiration in singing, art, and dance. She expresses her fondness for these mediums, stating,”'My favorite so far are both singing, art, and dance. I am not interested in others.' On the other hand, Sophia has focused on art and piano, finding the piano particularly exciting, “Piano is really fun.”

When asked about their favorite memory at LAMusArt, Olivia cherishes her first performance experience “because I had never sang before in front of people”. Sophia fondly remembers her first collage since “I had never made a collage before.” After pondering if she had a favorite teacher at LAMusArt, Olivia said that, “I like all my teachers because all of them have believed in me and taught me to never give up.” Sophia responded to the same question, “Mr. Johnson and the most important thing he taught me was how to play the music of Jurassic Park.”

Beyond their artistic pursuits, Olivia and Sophia find fulfillment in various activities. Olivia enjoys drawing at home, while Sophia is an active member of the Manta Rays Swim Club and practices folklorico.

When asked about the importance of the arts, Olivia reflects, “The arts are important because each program teaches me about new things and more about myself.” Similarly, Sophia acknowledges the arts' role in her creativity, stating, “The arts are important because it teaches kids about their creative side.”

Their experiences at LAMusArt have not only enhanced their artistic skills but also instilled valuable life lessons. Olivia shares, “My experience has changed me because it allowed me to get better at art, dance, and voice.” Sophia sees her participation as instrumental in her future aspirations, remarking, “Participating has helped for my future since architects need to draw blueprints and different designs.”

In their bright futures, Olivia dreams of becoming a veterinarian while Sophia aspires to be an architect. Both sisters believe that their experiences at LAMusArt have given them the essential skills and confidence to pursue their dreams.

In extending an invitation to others to join LAMusArt, Olivia emphasizes the enriching learning experience the School offers. “Come to the LAMusArt school because it teaches you new things with all the classes they offer!” she exclaims.

As they continue to flourish on their artistic voyage, Olivia and Sophia extend their heartfelt gratitude to all their teachers for their guidance and support. Their journey through LAMusArt beautifully illustrates the profound impact of artistic education, guiding them along creative paths that nurture both their talents and personal growth.


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