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Student Spotlight: Violet Beltran

Disciplines: Drama, Music, Camp MusArt, Playmaking

Violet Beltran, age 10, has been a student at LAMusArt since they were just three years old and began taking Ballet classes. Since then, Violet has taken Ballet, Drama, Playmaking and Camp MusArt at the Los Angeles Music and Art School, both in person and virtually. In 2021, Violet wrote an original play, Kindness Matters, about a superhero named Lilly who possesses the power of kindness and uses it to teach her enemy, Ben, how to be kind. Violet's favorite class is drama because they can act and play games. Their experience at LAMusArt has helped them be more creative and gain skills in singing.

When asked about their favorite memory at LAMusArt, Violet recounts going on a field trip to see Beauty and the Beast with the entire company of Camp MusArt’s production of Guys and Dolls. Violet says seeing Beauty and the Beast was "really fun to see for inspiration”. They are proud that they’ve been able to learn how to sing during Camp MusArt this summer. Violet, who will be participating in both sessions of Camp MusArt this year, has a solo in both productions!

When Violet is not focusing on the arts, they love to visit theme parks. They also have many career aspirations for when they grow up; they’re interested in becoming either an actor, singer, or pediatrician.


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