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Student Spotlight: Violet Sanchez

Disciplines: Art, Music, Dance

Violet Sanchez, 13, has been a student at LAMusArt since she was nine years old. A versatile, renaissance student, Violet has been taking Art and Trumpet classes to guide her endless creativity. When asked how she found out about LAMusArt, she responded with a hearty “Camp!”, referring to Camp MusArt where students spend their summer in an arts intensive program designed to promote creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. She says that her art teacher, Mr. Julio was her favorite teacher at camp because “he lets me be in my creative space and helps when I get stuck.”

Violet desires to be a ”dance or middle school art teacher” when she gets older and says that everything “learned here will help get [her] there with the experience” gained at her classes. She believes that the arts are essential to learn because it “shows moments in history, how everything developed, and how they still need development.” When asked how she would convince someone to join her at the school, she responded by saying, “It’s a fun experience and you can learn anything in a short time if you are dedicated enough.” Outside of LaMusArt, Violet applies her creativity to cosplaying by using body paint, costumes, and wigs.


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