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"Tablao" Delivers a Fierce Night of Flamenco

Saturday November 14, 2020 –– This month on LAMusArt Live!, we took pleasure in witnessing a dance passed down through generations––Flamenco. From the soulful dancing to the elegant guitar strumming and singing from Gabriel Osuna, this world-class traditional Spanish dance is living proof that words alone cannot always express true emotion. Kicking off the show with Tiana Álvarez and Brisyeda Zárate, setting the stage for an upbeat and ecstatic state of mind. Beginning the show as a duo, the two choreographed to “Fandangos.”

LAMusArt teaching artist, Tiana Álvarez showcases her passion for flamenco dance by commencing with a performance to Tientos, a flamenco Andalusian song which has a rhythm consisting of 4 beats, It is in the same family as Tangos, but slower and with different topics, lyrics and moods and showcases the cries of the cante, or singer. Almost as if you were placed into the original tablao flamenco, this performance brings you back in time to feel the same fierce, expressive sensation that invented the dance. Similar to a modern day drum solo at a rock concert, the dance took a percussive turn, removing the guitar’s melody to make room for one of the main contents of a flamenco performance: zapateado, the lively wooden rhythm made from the heel-strike of the dancer.

After teaching artist Tiana Álvarez’s performance, fellow bailaora took her turn to make the next impression. Dancing along to “Solea Por Buleria,” a series of letras that include breaks of one or more compáses within the song, it featured impressive "remates" - fast finishes or moments/spurts of footwork with the cante and guitarist, Brisyeda Zárate’s masterful remates created a lively structure, though the combination of dance, guitar and voice, this combination achieved a majestic quality.

This virtual experience marks the second of a series of artists’ performances to come. To learn more about the dance form, we invite you to download our educational guide which can be found here. Join us every second Saturday of the month for emotionally dynamic performances. December features Mariachi: A Musical Celebration.

These performances present unique levels of culture and artistic ability handcrafted to inspire students with creativity and passion. LAMusArt's mission is to provide the community of East Los Angeles with equitable and affordable access to multidisciplinary arts education programs and offer opportunities for underserved youth to partake in quality instruction regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic status so they are afforded creative tools for success and social change.

To register for classes and begin your journey through the arts, visit for individual group classes in music, art, dance, and drama for students of all skill levels. Classes are offered Monday through Thursday, from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm, and on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Please see below for more details about our programs and a complete schedule of classes. Click on the registration link to submit your information, and one of our scheduling staff members will contact you to get you set up!


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