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Student Spotlight: Manuel Bonet

Manuel Bonet, age 10, joined LAMusArt in early 2020. Though his in-person experience with us was brief, he has plenty of appreciation for the classes he has attended virtually so far. When asked about his first impressions of LAMusArt, he talked about what it was like attending classes before they went online, “It felt like high school, but calm and quiet. The campus was really nice and inviting on the inside, and it looked a lot bigger than it did outside.”

As Manuel has continued his learning online, he spoke to how LAMusArt has influenced his taste in music. Now, he has learned jazz techniques and gained an overall appreciation for jazz music. Manuel states, “Jazz music is relaxing and something I really like to study. It’s very interesting to learn and calming to play.”

When asked how LAMusArt has influenced him personally, Manuel states, “I feel more confident in my playing and that I can play piano more. I feel like a part of the school community since I’ve taken a lot of classes, and I believe that I can do anything!”

One of Manuel’s favorite classes is his piano class. He says, “Working with Brendan White (LAMusArt teaching artist for piano) has been motivating; he’s hardworking and he’s always happy with what I’m doing and how I improve.” With his aspirations of becoming a musician, and perhaps a dancer, Mr. Brendon White has helped Manuel come miles closer to his idols like Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson.

Manuel’s proudest achievements at LAMusArt range from his improved acting ability and musicianship, to his extracurricular activities in making his own music. With all the free time he has access to now, Manuel has used his newfound talents to make jazz and electronic music of his own. We are excited to hear what music Manuel will be creating now and as he continues on the creative path!


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